I wish there was a way to rate flakey people (a sale didn't happen)

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It sure would make it easier to sell stuff when I know who to avoid in the first place.  I'm sure my situation isn't unique in the least.  It's so frustrating.  I have sold a few things so thank you Offer Up!

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@Seller212 Thanks for sharing, There’s definitely some improvements that OfferUp can make to the ratings and reputation features and I believe the OfferUp team are currently working on ways to do so. The OfferUp team always loves to hear any other suggestions on how they can improve the ratings and reviews. Check out @Mj_206 Community manager thread topic; Everything You Need To Know About Ratings and Reputation just do a quick search and feel free to post any ideas you may have. 😎🇬🇧🔚
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Totally understand your frustration.

All we can really do is find ways to limit this scenario from our end.

Since they can find workarounds and create new profiles if their account gets flagged.
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I also wish we could see ratings, like why did this person get 2 stars. Or why does this buyer have 4.5 stars?
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I get flakey people all the time that message me. "I would like to buy this for this much." Then I agree yo the price and they message me that they can meet tomorrow morning. Then I never hear from them again. So after having to deal with this again and again. I finally just marked item as sold to them so that I could give them a rating. Then I said Agreed to meet. Then Vanished. That's how I rate the flakes.
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That's a bad idea since they can rate you back as well. You'll just mess up your own ratings

and become that which you hate 🙃