If I actually sold something for every time some bored window shopper messaged me..... ugh!

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The latest person just likes knowing if things are "still available".  He doesn't actually intend to buy anything.  Just wants to make sure they are available.  Gives him some comfort in this mad world we live in I guess.


This place is full of so many time wasters it's not even funny.  I wish something could be done about putting serious buyers with sellers.

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@Seller212 that is part of doing business. Why do you think the companies spend millions of dollars? I get many inquiries that never lead to sales, also if every walknin customer to stores in the mall make purchase there will be no going out if business.
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I do to few yr back had people had me doing special orders and I would have take less or slit it up. no what I post I'd what u get