Is it me or do most buyers not follow up?

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That's happened to me 85 percent of the time. I simply report them if they read my reply message (after waiting a few hours or so). If they haven't read my message yet, I wait 24 hours and then report them. I don't think this does much to encourage people to communicate better. The rule is, if you offer to buy a product and the seller replied, it's the buyer's responsibility to follow up and follow up fast. It's not that difficult to say "I change my mind" or "I hit the button by mistake". I note on my ad "Serious buyers only" or "Don't message me if you are not ready to purchase". Only if more people read and listen but this site has way too many disrespectful users and time wasters.
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~Funny you should ask that question... @Hyundai
As a matter of fact: 👍

~~OfferUp has a plethora of "Pro Tips"/ Helpful Scenarios too...via like-minded users, such as yourself!
Feel free to investigate and join in again, anytime 👌😊
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@KSARASARA Thank you! I'll be sure to check those tips out.
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Always meet somewhere you can both go inside, like a coffee shop or store lobby. Safety first. As in never get inside someone's vehicle or follow someone into a dark alley kinda stuff. And heck yeah that's quite rude making you stand in the rain while they act like it's a Mickey D's drive up window.
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People can be so inconsiderate. I’d much rather someone say “oh, sorry that’s too far.” Lots of people ask if an item is still available... then cricket cricket, no response after you say “yes.” Don’t ask if you aren’t ready to buy.
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Right on @0317

there's a lot one can do to solidify sales and make more money. U'r right... one can take responsibility for their failings, learn to BE IN CONTROL, and avoid most hassles one always experiences when interacting with the Homosapien.

it's just a horny monkey with a pocket computer. it literally thinks with a brain that's made of meat. whadja expect?
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Lack of courtesy with more than a sprinkle of curiosity. Unfortunately l, comes with the territory. Reminder diplomatically, serious inquiries and interest only. Too many conceive others are trying to become rich or have time on hand to waste asking frivolous questions.
Just my observed thought since being on offer up
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Welcome to the community, @Tally555Smiley Very Happy

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It's not you, I'll agree on a price, time, and place to meet and then never here back.