Is there anyway to see who rated you?

Level 3

Someone rated me at 4 stars and I have no idea who or why.  Is there any way to see who rated you? I am just confused because no one indicated they have had any issues on anything I’ve bought or sold.  If there was an issue, I would really like to know so I could have fixed it.

Level 9
There is not at this time. Some people will always leave 4 stars, thinking this is a good rating. Just the mentality of some people. Dont sweat it.
I had a seller leave me a "good" 4 star rating on another platform when all I did was purchase, pay, and immediately leave positive feedback. THAT ticked me off so I messaged her, she apparently leaves 4 stars for everyone (1,689 transactions) and thought that was fine. I would not purchase from this seller again, but I see in our small circle of sellers that she now leaves 5 stars for every buyer. She just didnt know better.
Good luck selling, just do what you are doing currentlySmiley Wink