Is this a new sort of SCAM? I looked but haven't seen it anywhere...

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I had an offer on a fairly valuable, small item.  It could easily sell for about 10-20% more on ebay.  There was no communication first.  Just an offer requesting shipment.  Well, I had thought about keeping the item until that offer was made.  I printed, prepped, etc.  After accepting "she" (with 0 stars and not ID confirmed) says, Oh I #$@% up and put down the wrong address, can you change it for me.  Well, the initial address and the new address were like fields (per google maps).  Is "she" just hoping I'd send it and that it would somehow be delivered, they would pick it up and then dispute and rip me off entirely?  The whole thing just stinks so I thought I'd check with you guys.  Thanks.

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@h8scammerz   If it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck its probably a duck! If your first instinct is that its a scam then its likely a scam so treat it accordingly. Don't take chances.

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If you ship it, I wouldn't change the address on the label. The person could say that if you did, it was never delivered and get their money back.