Is this a scam?

Hi! I’ve sold quite a few items and had good luck with this app in the past. However, all transactions have been in person. I’ve never shipped to anyone or used PayPal, etc.
So, I’ve listed a moderately expensive camera for sale and have a man offer me $100 over my asking price and says the following:

“Alright thanks,my name is Robert,I hope this is a legit cos am willing to purchase your item for my Son in Florida as Birthday gift..? Am willing to pay $500 for it,to include the shipping fees and i have no problem sending the money first in full..Do you have a PayPal Account?”

I responded with, “yes, this is legit and I do have a PayPal account.”
He then responds with, “Alright Kindly text me with your paypal email and name so that i can send you the money now (and includes a phone number).”

Is this a scam? Any input would be most appreciated! Thanks guys!
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Dont go off the app to accept payment. It is more than likely a scam. Just dont. Then you and the buyer wont ne protected by Offerup in case something goes wrong.
Thank you!