Issue with inbox not loading all day. I can't see msgs from any buyers. Help pls! - E

Hi all! I'm having an issue with inbox not loading. I can't see msgs from any buyers.
Msg says "if this continues, report the issue". Its been going on all day...
I don't see how to contact OfferUp tech help. And I've searched.
Anybody pls Help! TY!
- EllerBee
Thanks so much bc now I'm on day 2 of no inbox msgs. Very strange. TY for taking the time to help!
- Ellerbee
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Hello @EllerBeeCharmer,

Welcome to the forum!  Smiley Happy

Jeez, I am sorry that you are having issues with your inbox messages.

here is the link.   for the Help Center

While waiting for the help center to respond you might try reinstalling your offerup app. 

That has helped clear up some technical issues that I had in the past.

Keep me updated.


Thank you so much for your help. Issue solved!
Thank you so much for your kind help. I did this too after you suggested!
I am having the exact same problem last night all of a sudden all my messages were gone from any of the buyers and 5 of them were dealing with a large amount piece of jewelry how did I lose the contact messages back and forth I don't know their names I don't know if they're how can they get any messages for me did you find out anybody help please