Issues with messages

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So a couple days ago I bought somthing off from this seller this Monday and so finally I payed the seller and they asked me for shipping info and everything and told me they would ship off the item tomorrow on Tuesday so it's been almost 24 hours or more and I messaged them telling them hey did you ship the item and if so do you have the tracking number and I tried multiple times but the seller doed not respond I am a little worried now because well I don't know if they will ever respond or if I got scamed or something seller said the item would take 3 days for shiping to get here I'm not sure about that I feel my money in danger and I don't know if I will even recieve my item I may just be over reacting or something like that but if anyone can help or give me some tips I would appreciate.
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If you used OfferUp's payment/shipping solution (as you did not specify), here is the Customer Care contact link: