It’s been almost 2 months and still have a pending deposit!!!!!

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I sold a men’s designer bracelet in early October and it’s been a nightmare! Fistly USPS lost and couldn’t t track my package with the prepaid OfferUp label. After 5 days I finally got word that my package had been misplaced and was enroute to the buyer in CA. Once the item was received I was expecting my funds to be deposited the following week... Well it’s been almost 2 months and the funds ($211) are still pending on my account. I have filled out all my information, added my banking information, and have had no success in contacting a rep from Offer up to resolve this issue and get paid from my sell. After this experience, I am very concerned and would recommend no one use the ship nationwide option. If anyone could provide a contact or resolution to this matter it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help
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Hello, i have sold two helicopters on offer up in the tune of $405.00 and some change.  This is the real deal. i have gotten a generic email from several different people in offer up saying that a payment specialist will email me concerning my pending deposits, well the thing about that is that i have yet to receive my money still.  And, noone has contacted me in over two weeks about my monies pending.  I think this is bull**bleep**