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Am I the only dumb one on Offer Up or has any other Buyer on here had the issue of an item sold to you by an Offer Up Seller NOT being the same as the item described in their listing?)  I have been scammed 3 times. And each time, when I confront the Seller with their item not being as described in their listing they pretend they have NO CLUE what to what I am talking about. Bottom line they get to keep my money & I get stuck with the item that they knowingly LIED about the condition of in their listing. 2-days ago was the worst Seller yet. He listed a 32" Samsung Smart TV as 'New, NEVER Used' for $100. I met him in the complex parking lot where he lived. He brought the TV out all boxed up & sealed. He said he left his 3-year old daughter alone inside so we had to be quick. I had no reason to doubt the contents of the sealed box & it was 10 degrees outside, so I opened my trunk, allowing him to put the TV box inside, gave him my money & left. I get home, go to set up the TV & when I open the sealed box, I find a VERY DIRTY USED TV with MANY scratches on its screen & NOTHING else (NO stand, NO power cord & NO remote). I immediately call the Seller. After leaving 4 VM's & hearing nothing back from him, I send him several texts. I tell him this TV is NOT 'New NEVER Used' as described in his listing. I don't hear back from the Seller until after I send the 4th text & tell him I want my money back. The text read "Your money is COUNTERFEIT". I know it's not & tell him so. He sends a second text that reads "Quit Bothering Me! The Deal Is DONE!" I tell him "NO I will NOT quit bothering you & this deal is NOT done! If you don't return my money I will report you to Offer Up!" His reply was "OK, Bye Now, You're BLOCKED!" I reported him to Offer Up, but they want a police report BEFORE they'll investigate my report. The police said this is a Civil Issue & wouldn't take a report. Bottom line, the Seller blocked me, has my money, I have a 6-year-old TV that I CAN'T get parts for because it isn't even available anymore & I'm out $100 (SMH) Woman Frustrated Woman Mad 


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I understand your frustrations but that is your fault. Regardless, you should have checked it out... especially electronics. There are a lot of people who do that and sell junk on here. If the offer is too good to be true, it probably is. Trust no one on here.
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Hi @MeannieJeannie5 welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,
What I can see from your information, is you didn’t take the time to check the item out, I understand he told you it had to be quick, but for me at that point I would have figured something is up with the deal and he’s going to leave his 3 year old alone, to sell a tv nope that a big flag right there. at this point I’d be in my car and on my way home with out the tv.
The rule of thumb when buying electronics always me somewhere you can see the items is working, and never just take somebody’s word that it’s new in the box, tell them it’s not that you don’t trust them it’s that you don’t trust anyone lol, the other thing is your calling him and texting him on the phone right? and didn’t keep to the OfferUp messaging system, so you had some kind of message trail for OfferUp to investigate?
or your local police department.
It come down to buyer beware, always check the persons profile page for more information, it helps if they have some kind of ratings for you to look at. Sorry this happened to you. I’ve also tagged @Elin Community manager on your issue.
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I understand your frustrations but that is your fault. Regardless, you should have checked it out... especially electronics. There are a lot of people who do that and sell junk on here. If the offer is too good to be true, it probably is. Trust no one on here.

You are right, I have NO one but myself to blame for not checking the contents inside the box. I definitely will NEVER make this mistake again. Thanx for your feedback.

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@MeannieJeannie5 every one makes a mistake from time to time, I’ve also have made many mistakes my self in the past, I say to my self lesion learned and move on also, Hope this doesn’t discourage you in your future deals. Just hang in there. that guy will eventually pay for doing this kind of thing to honest people. 😊
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Hi @MeannieJeannie5, I am so sorry this happened to you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. The feedback people here have given you is correct - we always want people to inspect the items they are buying, just so they can make sure it's really what they want and are looking for. We're here for you, let me know if I can do anything. 

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So sorry that this happened to you! Several buyers never check the items as we tend to trust by the first impressions we get. Don't be embarrassed to check the item before you open your wallet ! Normally, I ask buyers to check the items before giving me the money. And if I am buying something, I tell the seller to count the cash again! They always appreciate it.
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Hi Elin, i just bought a washer and dryer from a guy named Ricardo on offer up. they quit working after he he will not answer my calls. what should I do. he said they would work and I would be happy on offer up message...thats my contract..and he missed on both points..
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Hi @dadierrary just a quick tip, if you want someone like @Elin or members to respond put this @ in front of their username. like I did to your username in this message.
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I’m one of those trusting buyers. Unless I’m shelling out for something a little more expensive, I usually hand the $5-50 over without hesitation.
Once in a while there’s a broken gameboy, or item. But I’m usually getting a great deal and it’s worth the risk having to get nerdy and learn to fix something.