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I'm so sorry this happened to you...I hope that OfferUp put him out of the community.  It's inexcusable on his part.  I don't think your dumb at all...I think that you put more faith in the human race then you should have. There is no sin in being mistaken.  I've been in this community now for almost two months...and I have witnessed a few shady people myself's terribly disappointing.   Be careful ...SO careful from now on.  I appreciate you sharing your disaster tale with the rest of us so that we can be on the watch for similar behavior. sorry and thank you.  ❤

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Scammers are all over. Just have to be smarter and more thorough. Sorry to say..
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Same thing just happened to me. Very upset that the seller did not disclose a major flaw in a piece of furniture. I’m an honest seller and always describe any flaws, otherwise it goes to charity. I think it’s disingenuous and sad that people can’t be trusted. It’s very awkward to tell someone to go pound sand if they’ve come out to meet you. It’s not like a store where you can just walk away.
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If you get caught selling with misleading or false information first time warning and the second you're out.
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@MeannieJeannie5 I’m so sorry this happened to you! Curses on that scumbag mofo. Thanks for sharing your story so the rest of us can benefit. It might be too late and it would take some research (to find out his real name etc) but could you take him to small claims court? He would probably not show up and you’d get a default judgment. You may or may not be able to collect but it would put a damper on his credit. He might be judgment proof but at least it would be on the record.

I’ve often thought about starting a group called E-commerce MoFos just to name those aholes that scam honest people. Unfortunately I think that in itself would be a full time job!

I hope you have/have had better luck on OfferUp.
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Like I tell myself meet them at the police station and they will be on camera I have An issue with them stating brand new when it’s not that’s what I got buying a portable washer never used my **bleep** but they delivered and I was just praying it worked it is a nice one. But it being used is visible I would of bought it anyway but be honest about it I call them thieves!
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To @offerup, What about buying some that is shipped and turns out to be junk?? Sounds like you’re telling people that junk is shipped quite a bit?? So why should I use this site at all?? And how do I get my money back and how do you stand behind anything then?
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