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Definitely needs to have a no show link in the messages area, this way you can see what was said and you can report them as no shows or constantly changing times, I've had buyers string me along for a week always saying can't make it now but will tomorrow. Then after the weekend passes, they never reply back again!

I find myself trapped at home waiting for buyers daily. 1 out of 15 show up! The problem is no other sellers will ever know about these loosers, if there was a way to check to see if they do this regularly I would just not worry about them and go about my business.

Any sellers who drive and meet potential buyers is NUTS! With the amount of no shows and the ones that fo show up are rarely ever on time, most are about 1hour late or more most say they are on their way and never ever reply again. I've had 3 send messages that said they left, then after I ask if they were lost they made up some excuse like "I forgot" or I turned the wrong way and decided to not come. The other 10 just never replied back after I waited for hours.

Who in their right mind would even consider travelling to meet up with someone who is most likely not even going to show up? Or even dumber is delivering an item, this is simply the most obvious way to set yourself up to be lowballed! Just by agreeing to deliver you have opened the door to agreeing to their offer or you just wasted your time and gas money, this the equivalent to the eBay sale that ends up with a return, the very thing that made me stop selling on eBay! You can't make a buyer pay plus you can't get your time and money back if they don't buy it. Delivery is by far the dumbest idea ever, you lose just by agreeing to it. Plus my place is easy to find and I've picked up a few items and saw how impossible it was to find most others places.
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Hi there, I agree with you for the most part. Sometimes I don't mind delivering if it is on the way to my regular commute to school/ home/ work/ groceries! I would surely not go out of the way to deliver. But some senior citizens have appreciated and have become my regular buyers as the trust built up!
Great suggestion on the No show flag! That will make it easier! 👍🏻 Offerup allows you to report someone for no shows too incase you have not explored that.
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Please PLEASE add a no show flag!
And track response time for buyers?
I finally made this to include:
Muchas personas se sienten insultadas cuando la primera interacción de una persona con un comprador potencial es una oferta @ la mitad de lo que se vende un artículo.
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Tango3 that was very nicely worded. Thanks for the positive words of wisdom. No shows come with the job however, I believe that we will soon have a system in place to help identify and eliminate some of the no shows.
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Mark4 I like your general rules. They are rules I could implement.
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Greetings @zinda

In your opening paragraph you were outstanding. You started out stating the no show problem followed by an excellent solution. You had my attention. All of a sudden your tone changed. Sad to say, I did not feel like I was in a safe place.

Zinda, it goes against OfferUp’s best practice to meet buyers at your home but, guess what? I am not going to judge you for your choice and I am certainly not going to call you names or insult your intelligence.

Please show me and the Community the same respect. If I choose to follow the Community rules and meet up in a safe public place then don’t judge me and insult my intelligence for following the rules.

I look forward to our future conversations. It is these positive conversations, and sound suggestions that moves us forward in the right direction. We will soon have a solution in place for the no show problem.


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everyone has their solitons that’s work best for crazy trolls and no shows, there’s always different scenarios for each deal,
and yes we all get are fair share of this behavior, your not just going to get it on one single app, be honest it’s on all of them. I can always say I’m done that’s it
I feel your frustration trust me there’s no quick fix, I’ve been dealing with nuts when Craigslist was the rage, remember getting flagged?, for no reason what so ever I’m sure you do, at least OfferUp is doing their part to address inconsiderate behavior adding features all the time.
like profile pages information.
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Yeah just ran into my first one today. First the person said 515 at Starbucks close to home thank God I show up I tell the person I’m here. He or she says oh sorry 10 more minutes. Thankfully I have another buyer coming to meet me same time. 10 more minutes pass. He or she says I’m here! I say where I don’t see you. Person says I’m at Starbucks. I say I’m standing right in front where are you! I look around for 5 minutes and no response. I say I’m leaving now! Report them. I make sure no one following me home so I go in circles just to be safe.

My story..
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Too many people are doing this, don't try to mansplain someone on how to feel about getting taking advantage of having their time wasted. Save that for a hallmark card.