Just an observation...So I used OfferUp's electronic payment system.

Level 3
Buyer makes offer- I accept offer.
Buyer accepts item, I scan barcode to accept funds.

So buyer gets item, I'm sure OU gets it's service charge, and I'm waiting 4-5 days for money to reach my account. Well, that seems completely fair.

It's not like my mortgage is hanging in the balance over an OU transaction (it most certainly is not), but c'mon now. What a bunch of crap. In our world of instant gratification and bigger, better, faster, I can't get paid for actual physical goods I possessed up until about an hour ago in less than 4-5 days? For real?
What, need to hold on to it for the interest? That it?
Don't make me name competing apps that I know can handle this in less than 4-5 days.
I mean, we all know how money leaves our accounts with near instantaneous speed the second "pay now" is clicked, but where is the outrage at the electronic yellow brick road incoming funds have to navigate to find their way in to our accounts?

Whatever. Rant over.

But I wouldn't count on me using OU's payment options unless it's an absolute necessity.

Level 3
Actually, it's as stated...A cashless payment. I should take things more literally.