Just had this happen

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Listed a laptop and got two responses immediately. First one had no profile picture and a new account. Offered $100 more than I was asking and wanted my PayPal account. 2nd was a new account as well, she DEMANDED my paypal info after I told her I would only accept payment through offerup. Feels like a pair of scammers?
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Not worth the risk to find out. Better safe than sorry
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@kayjay62 yep sounds like a scam to me also, I would definitely keep your payments through OfferUp. There’s plenty of posts on this issue. 😎🇬🇧🔚
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That's what my gut was telling me. Thank you!
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I agree. Thank you.
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@kayjay62 your welcome, just to add going through OfferUp shipping process and not PayPal will offer you buyer protection. Going outside the app using any 3rd party apps will make any buyer protection claims really difficult to look into and not worth the headache. So I always highly recommend keeping things within the OfferUp app. 😎🇬🇧🔚
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Welcome to the community, @kayjay62!

I agree with what the others said. I stay away from PayPal as much as possible. Many dishonest sellers (scammers) will try to pay with PayPal because they know they can cancel the transaction at any time. It is safest to only use cash, or OfferUp Payments. I will give a heads up that the first couple transactions using OfferUp Payments may be a bit slow, until there is a relationship established between your OfferUp payments account and your bank account. Basically, the more you use this feature, the faster you'll get paid! 


Good job trusting your gut on this one! Smiley Happy