Large furniture

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I’ve got a very large dining set that includes a china cabinet. I’ve sold furniture before, and it was a success. It was a small futon. This time though, this person hasn’t identified themselves through the app. They wanted to come and look at the furniture today, but no one will be coming into my house unless their identity is confirmed with the App.
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I don’t blame you for that. Unfortunately there are too many sick depraved individuals in our world today as we see from the news locally and worldwide. So you must do what you must do in order to protect yourself. I see no reason for somebody not to identify themselves unless they are hiding something is how I see it.

One tip I can give you and this applies to anything not just large furniture.

When you take your photos, make sure that you have flooded the room with as much natural light as you possibly can and avoid any reflective light or direct lighting use indirect lighting if you can but the more natural light you have the better photos that you will take. Always be sure to include anything and everything there is about the item(s) that you were selling to avoid any reasons for questions on something that is obvious. Put yourself in that person‘s place who is asking a question & what is it that you are not showing or they cannot see or in the description that you did not include to anything that you would want to know if you were purchasing it. That’s what you want to put down in the description or include in your photos. Take as many photos as you can to show everything and anything there is about the piece that somebody would want to know or see & if the quality of the photos is good enough that should be a fairly good indication of what it is you’re selling and they are purchasing.