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So, 2 days ago I purchased a cell phone on the app and pay for it with my PayPal debit card. It showed that it was processed and that the seller had created the shipping label. He reports that he mailed it through USPS that evening. He gave me a tracking number but when I try to track it it just tells me the same thing that a shipping label has been prepared, nothing else. He has been extremely responsive to my texts, he has very good reviews and I don't have any reason to doubt that he in fact mailed it. I recognized that the holiday can slow things down but it's been going on 3 days now, from California to Georgia. I truthfully don't know what to do oh, I've been looking for this particular phone for quite some time and my card has already been charged. I did report that there was a shipping problem with the transaction but have not heard back yet. I've always had positive experiences with offer up until now. What would you do? I really appreciate any suggestion or advice.

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I would give it a week at least before reporting to paypal and offerup for a fraudulent transaction with a potential seller. I have a friend I buy from off FB out in CA to my home here in SC and it usually takes a week to get to me. I hope this helps. Good luck.
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Did you guys go through Offerup? If he didnt actually ship it out like he said, Offerup should automatically cancel the transaction. It would show on the app as far as tracking goes. I would contact support https://offerup.com/support/new