Make more sales with one simple change!

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@Tanya-T. I am ok with 1 stock photo if it's a used item. The rest should be the actual item. For new items, I'd be ok with all stock photos, but I think it's best to include at least 1 pic taken by the seller for most items.
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I went back over my listing's.
The pictures are not so good on
Some. I'm going right now to take
New one's. We'll see how that goes.
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Smart advice & suggestion. Thank you for allowing me to learn from your experience.
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This is so true! I’m a Stager - and of course making something look it’s best is always important. I can’t always do the best (taking photos) at my storage unit etc but I do try!

I swear there is a posting right now in my area that is a bed for sale - the bed is unmade and there are dirty clothes on the bed and what appears to be a pair of panties, in the rumpled close up of the sheets! Disgusting!
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I have what you call a softbox. It has LED lights on the top and you put your product inside and it takes professional pictures I learned this from my daughter she is a professional photographer. you can buy them from 10 to $20 online
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Thank you for your tip i will take your advice
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yes! also, if you want an in-expensive way to make your pictures look better, buy one of them big white poster boards and a white board for the bottom (to put your product on) - this will eliminate distractions from your product and on a search engine/page it will be clicked more often than not since it'll have more of a professional feel!