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Be mindful of the pictures you are posting. Aside from the obvious well lit and clearness, make it look nice! I have selected two walls in my office that are blue and green for pictures. The pop of color helps draw eyes to my products! No one wants to buy anything where the background of where you are is dirty or messy. This app is so easy to use I find people just take a quick snap holding the product which doesn't look aestheticly pleasing to a shopper. That is something I changed and saw the increased number of views come in.
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@Jurissaj Ah, I love this. That's awesome you have walls in your office you use for taking the best photos. You're right, even high-quality photos are hard to really make the product you want to sell pop if you're not being aware of your background. Even the simplest change can make the biggest impact! 

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Great advice! I have never put much thought into it before but it makes perfect sense. I will be more strategic in terms of the background of my posts moving forward. I'll keep you posted on the results Smiley Happy
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Great pics make a difference!
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I've been an eBay seller for the last 2 years. I have to agree completely with this tip! The photos used to sell any items are actually EXTREMELY important! Even though people know that the item may not be coming from a store, they still have the same mentality while they're browsing through items on OfferUp as they do on eBay or even Amazon. If an item looks better cared for and is well displayed in the pictures, they are more likely to buy that item over one that's in a dirty or dull environment.

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@rocketrisa Absolutely! 

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Great advice! And yes, taking a picture is not easy just hit the button. It requires more tasks to organize thing in the right possion as well as enough light so the buyers are convinced to buy the item.

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Great tip thanks
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Oh yes I sell jewelry for a living and take pictures of all my items I say it takes me about 30 mins to take 4 photos of 3 different items and maybe another 30-40 mins to edit photo lighting and color etc. Clear and attractive pictures of the item is important people often say to me how nice my photos look and always ask me if I have a store but I sell from home.

A few things I have learned in taking good pictures is to use a prop or have something in the background but dont make it the main focus.

Also I bought some marble wallpaper and granite wallpaper looks real and makes an excellent appealing background.

Take pictures outside in a shady area like under a tree if your room or house doesn't get much lighting, don't take pictures directly under the sun the light will make a reflection and you won't be able to see the item clearly.

Also edit the item if you need to using a photo editor it always helps you can adjust lighting or color if it looks a little off or way off sometimes I have to do that because in the picture it may look much lighter.

Also take pictures of the item in different angles not just the same angle every time.

These are just some helpful tips in taking a good photo of any item.
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@JesusSaves I love that you take multiple photos of each item and are aware of the editing aspect, the right type of lighting, etc. 


"Also take pictures of the item in different angles not just the same angle every time." - Key right there as well.