Make more sales with one simple change!

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Thanks a thing I learned over the past years of being a seller how to take pictures of your item.
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I'm so happy you're doing so well! @JesusSaves

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Great advice! Sell more if you slow it down and stage it. If I am in a hurry and post photo I usually regret it. Yes pull it out of the garage and make it look irresistible. Thank you Jurissaj for reminding me.
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Yes yes yes pictures in my opinion is the most important thing in doing sells through the app remember the saying a picture can tell a thousands words and it does we are visual so a nice clear picture with all important angles well covered is a must Always
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@Karylove Most people are very visual! Plus, it's a potential buyer's first experience with what you're trying to sell.

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You are so right. When I see some pictures I don't even pay attention to the item. If it looks dirty and it's coming from a messy place, why would I want to buy it?

DITTO! I am also  Ebay and Etsy -Photos are soooo important! Got to have a decent camera on your phone, down load a photo processor app that helps clean them up a lot. Back drop too, don't photo on dirty floor, or lay across an unmade bed, etc. SHOW that you're professional through your photos, accurate and detailed descriptions, etc. Nothing worse than a crappy photo and one sentence Smiley Tongue

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You are so right, item in message area invite people to bargain very low also.
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Yours is a great suggestion. I'm going to try it