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Wow you know I too hadn't thought about the back ground being important, so I'm going to take more pics of my items, and I'm going to take the pics outside on my patio with my beautiful plants in the back ground my house is too small, no room is big enough, and I don't have a office. Thank you for the tip.😁💕💕✌


@JeriLee58 Excited to see how this turns out for you Smiley Happy


@NiceGuy Hey! Any updates on how it went? Would love to hear! 

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Well said I totally agree, it's just a bit difficult when you work late hours as i do... Happy Shopping Everyone..
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That's hard when your selling Jewelry I find that as long as I get 1 shot with the 14 or 18K or the makers Mark that seems to get the attention what frustrates me is when you put price is firm they try and make a lowball offer anyway and they want you to drive 40 miles to deliver even out of state so how to you handle that? Thanks Tom

@TJF If it's not the type of offer that you are looking for, you can politely decline and wait for another buyer to come along where you two can agree on a price you are both happy with and a meeting place. 

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Thank for all the tips.
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Psychologists say the color blue is calming. So it's used on walls in jails and prisons.
Good quality and background make great sales