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I definitely agree wirh you.
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"used my own feet" that made me giggle in the middle of swallowing a bite of food, I almost choked on it, LOL
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So true.
When my husband starts to sell something; I tell him to give me 5 minutes with it. Lol
I give it a scrub or polish, change it's position and then lighting. Finally I say: Action! Haha This has become a fun thing for the 2 of us; kinda brought us closer. Getting rid of clutter- who knew. 😇
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@Minerva Awww, I love that!

I totally agree!! Clear photos, clean backgrounds will bring in more sales. Clarity and Cleanliness is key also the product being in new or like new condition. I've been selling on eBay for 4 yrs. And have seen more sales come in from this.
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I agree totally.
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That sounds like good information, I will start looking for my back drop.
I am a buyer way more than a seller on here and I have purchased many large ticket items as well. I can tell you that I really appreciate picture that are BRIGHT enough to actually see the item. When pictures are dark or out of focus, I tend to skip over them because I think they're hiding some defect. It's a shame that some folks don't understand this simple concept. Also if you don't have multiple pictures, I will skip over that as well. So if you really want to sell your item, focus focus focus! I hate out of focus pictures. That's my biggest pet peeve. After that my next peeve is brightness or lack there of. Followed by multiple pictures. Always include at least 2.
I have made purchases anywhere from $20 bucks to $9,000. So... I know what I'm talking about. Lol. Just a savy buyers perspective for all sellers out there. Cheers to all! Happy shopping !
Ps. I love this app! I have redecorated an entire condo with furniture from here and purchased a vehicle! I'm happy with all my purchases and recommend this app all the time. But I will skip over posts for reasons outlined above. Oh, and just be honest ... That's another peeve! And I will tell you ahead of time if I'm going to hagle you when I see the item in person. As a seller ... you can always mention that you are open or not open to in person haggling. This can weed out those that are not 100% serious and also those that will show up with not enough money ... all of a sudden. Don't be afraid to say ... I'm not open to in person inspection haggling of price. It's a nice way to let buyers know where you stand. But be prepared to provide them with more pictures if you're gonna take that stand.
This is just a friendly tip from a serious no nonsense buyer of some big ticket items. I drop several hundred bucks a month on here when I'm renovating a unit. But I'm an odd duck because I'm serious and I'm honest. Not everyone plays that way...unfortunately. But if you see me coming... know I'm true blue honest! Really!

Great advice @SnarkitchyBear, good to hear pointers from buyers as well! Smiley Very Happy