Make more sales with one simple change!

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Great info. But a white wall might be better depending on the color of the item.
I would also add something in the pic for size comparison. Chair, couch for big things, coins or spoon for small items.
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great suggestion! 

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This is especially true for clothing. Clothing is generally a hard sell unless it's designer, or brand new. I always try and iron the clothing I am selling, and take pictures during the day in natural lighting.
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Awesome! So true! Presentation is everything when trying to get the most out of your pictures. This is a great post! Thank you for sharing...
Well said, couldn't have said it better
This is a for instance...when selling home speakers, take the grills off at least one speaker..people like to see what their getting...and list model # ..and anything you know about the item like scratches scuffs.
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Thanks great advice!
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I am noticing that I am not getting any hits from my items. The things I have posted are technically brand new. I will try changing the background
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@marqmars Let us know how it's helped! Smiley Happy

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what if you do these things and your stuff does not sell? I even tried marking down a few things to a dollar. no luck