Make more sales with one simple change!

Great tips! Thanks for sharing!
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@prerry007 Hey Smiley Happy what type of items are you trying to sell? Are you making sure you are pretty clear descriptions, photos, and posting your items in the right category? Let us know how we can help you! 

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Agree with all the suggestions. I'll purchase items with multiple photos, a good description, and dimensions. Else I email asking question, for specific/more photos (for clarification) and dimensions.


So when I post I try and offer lots of photos, a detailed description, and dimensions (when possible).  I wish I was better at this. But I've been selling items online, all over the web, for far too long.


I always seem to be downsizing. Smiley Happy

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I have seen items for sale that looks like someone just grabbed them from the dump...yellowed stained mattress covers, toilets that are covered with mold, curio cupboards with so much junk on them that the cabinet is barely see-able.
A few times, I have stepped forward, like with the cabinet, and asked if some added pictures could be edited in, then I'd be able to see if the item is what I was looking for. She took the request as logical, did a few more shots of the cabinet sans extras not for sale, and she wrote me back to see if I liked, and I did, and I bought. But what can be done about the yellow stained mattress cover that they wanted $5 for? What about the toilet which I'm sure had too many germs to count? What about the profusely stained mattresses? I didn't think that was legal according to the dept of health and safety? This isn't a junk yard, after all. ( cars for parts are not included in this queery)
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Great advice!!! I too find myself taking several pics of one item in different angles light and all just to get the perfect picture to attract buyers. Layout and presentation is everything in attracting attention.
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Awesome Great Ideas for all OFFERUP SELLERS.



AND make sure your lens is clean! LOL

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LOL, yes please!!

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You are so right. I've staged every product I've posted. I'll take several photos of the item, review them and sometimes have to take more. I often take pictures at night. The flash really makes them pop. Watch out for glare though. When shooting at night I have used the light of a living room lamp without a flash and have found the colors to be most true to the item itself. I position the item several different ways. I pretty much stay in one place. Blurry, sideways, too dark, I'll fly right past them.
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A solid color garage door works too.