Make more sales with one simple change!


@HollyGirl Oh yeah! Never thought of that, that's a great idea! 

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I couldn't agree with you more. I won't buy something if it's in a messy looking house, if it's a indoor it err m but outside, if it's dirty ec try... I also hate when people don't say in the description about anything wrong with the item, it really ticks me off to go buy an item just to see it's broken or all scratched up or not the brand advertised... Even wrinkled cloths tells me it most likely is Stuffed in a bag with dirty cloths, not hung up being well taken care of... Things to think about...
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Great advice! I’ve also been studying the psychology of “buying” and the effect of certain colors colors...your blue and green backgrounds are good choices Smiley Happy
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@NiceStuff, Blue is for peacefully, contented, calming.
Green is for healing, safe environment. In business, like an interview it also promotes a feeling of confidence, team worker, efficient.
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Yes, it’s very interesting, if only we could send olfactory stimulus through the phone too !!
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This is SO true. 💯👍👍
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Hey @NiceStuff@RevKaelene

Yes, I love the psychology or colors, They are important to the senses. Now, what about numbers. Some say that a buyer needs to be exposed to an ad at least  3 to 7 times before a purchase. Do you think the number of exposures carry any weight or completely irrelevant?


Glad you've found it helpful Smiley Happy

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@NiceStuff , Heck with the phone, what if we could use the sense of smell w a TV??? Could you imagine some of the commercials emitting their scent?
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Hi #Shupat. Numerology does have its place in Scientific fact. For instance, many students have read the answers to an upcoming test into a tape recording and have made it into a loop that plays on and over and over again as they sleep and some whose belief systems can accept this as viable, have gone on to pass their tests. The subconscious mind remembered and shared it with the conscious mind. So w repetition learning can be absorbed.
I also know that some numbers are see as inherently good or bad numbers. We all have our lucky numbers. Those that play the lottery, use these favorite numbers week after week, and sometimes, some actually win using them.
One number that is seen as both lucky and unlucky is the #13.This comes from our Christian history. 12 Apostles with Jesus make the #13, and BC of how the story ended with Jesus' Crucifixion and claimed the # signified doom. Others believe that the story became an eternal #, bc, the story would not have its importance, if the number had been different. They see the #13 as being sacred.
If it is within a persons belief system, then a number can be any number.
I grew up in a very famous place around the world. There the #13 is found everywhere. 13 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 13 drainholes in a sink. A chandelleir (sp?) with 12 lights, had a 13 light installed on it. My family were the live-in caretakers and managers of a place called THE WINCHESTER MYSTERY HOUSE for 36 yes. We actually lived in a closed off to the public, private part of the House. I used to play hide and seek in the house as a child. I learned from a very early age, that for some, #'s are important. For others, they can take it or leave them.
So, for your answer, Yes, I believe that if it is in a persons belief system, numbers can live forever and can influence many.