Map , no idea what to do anymore.

Level 3
I added a MAP of the near location to the picture just so they don’t ask and they still ask? I’m beyond frustrated at this point. I have been replying to people asking for my location with “there is a map that added in the gallery and there is an interactive map at the bottom of this listing” I just got a sarcasm reply with an “ok nvm”. I mean I have no idea what to do. Can we have the interactive map right in the top of the listing so it is the first **bleep** thing they see?? Because I have no idea what to do anymore. It is such a waste of time every time. No matter what we do people always ask for location and then the “oh you are too far from me.” This is seriously wasting our time. I’m always polite and try to be as nice as possible but there are so many people that ask although I have a map added that it’s insane. I’m honestl concerned about the future of humanity lol. Is there any way that the interactive map can be added at the top of the listing so they see that first? Or does anyon have an idea of what to do to help us sell without having to waste minutes and sometimes hour talking about a product to end up getting “oh you are too far from me”?

Thanks and sorry for the rating but I’m so so frustrated.

Edit: forgot to add I even CHANGED MY NAME TO THE AREA IM AT and nothing. They can’t even ready my name. Help!
Level 5

people simply do not read on this app.  my peeve is "is this available?"  ultimately, these annoyances are part of doing business (i am 85% resolved to accepting this). breathe and remember that you never know where that sale will come from and how it will manifest.  

i created keyboard shortcuts to make it a little less painful for me to respond.  one of those shortcuts is Y! = yes, it's available. 

Level 3
That’s a pretty great idea! Don’t even get me started on the “Is this available?” Even on items that literally was posted minutes ago. They also don’t check that. I used to always add “if you see this post is because the item is available, don’t ask” but nothing, nada, zero. It’s mind blowing really. I just came to the conclusion that maybe the don’t know how to add the item to their favorites, it woulda surprise me really, and they just text that so it automatically adds to their recent messages and thus easy to find the item. This is just me trying to find a logical reason for this insane behavior because other than that it’s scary how many people do the same thing. Like they are wired the same way. And of course you can’t say anything to them because on top of not reading usually these type of individuals are special snowflakes. No matter in what way you say things they get offended. It’s a tough world. Thanks for your advice and your words. I appreciate it. Smiley Happy