Marking items as sold archiving and reposting

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I was curious regarding if this is a good strategy to keep your items at the top at least for a short period of time every day. Literally mark the items are sold every day, archive them so they don’t take up as much bandwidth and clog the my offers section with a bunch of active aging listings, then go back and repost them. Tedious. A lot of work, yes. However, I am not seeing good results with the promote plus feature it is giving me lackluster performance but I don’t want To violate terms of service by implementing the strategy I just outlined. I will not be posting duplicates I will simply be marking items are sold archiving them so they’re not in view and re-posting the same items every day. Is this acceptable or is it a violation and I should just keep using promo plus even though I’m not getting the results i want?
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I’m curious as well-tedious to do!


Nothing has changed since you last inquired on this subject matter. It does not technically violate the guidelines or the TOS, but could be a moral  dilemma for some users, as it bypasses the sole functionality of the "promote" option.


The app seems to make random changes and/or experiments with new features/rules in certain geographic areas without informing users, so take advantage of it while it is still allowed. My only suggestion is to use this "loophole" in moderation.

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I didn't have much luck with the promote function either and really dont want to spend just as much money trying to make a sale on the item...

I typically archive and repost items after they've been up for at least a month or if I make a significant price reduction. I have several items up for sale so it would definitely be quite time consuming to do every day and a bit more risky, I would think.