Messages not read? Not going through?

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Hello, has anyone had any issues with messages not going through to buyers? I have had a couple people message me with a question about my items and I have replied with the answer right away and then they don’t read it! I understand that some people will just stop responding when they aren’t interested anymore, but why would someone take the time to ask a question and not even bother to read the answer? It’s showing that the answer to their question wasn’t even read. The thing is, it’s making me wonder if my messages are actually going through. It’s been 6 days on one of them and still shows they never looked at it. I check their profiles and it seems that they are active users with multiple items and positive reviews. Seems odd. 

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Messages go through if they have a green ✔️ check mark at the corner of your reply.

Otherwise, it will tell you specifically if the message didn't go through.

They most likely lack manners, enough to not tell you that they have lost interest —
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Yep @_Rachel_ I’ve had that a lot, I’ve tried many different things, but what works for me sometimes, sending the old (?) message, I usually get a response, if not I just move on to my next buyer in line.
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@goblin I didn’t realize it would tell you if the message didn’t go through. That’s all I was worried about mostly. Thanks! 

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@_Rachel_How do you know that they didn't read your message?

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It was an assumption, you cannot tell if they read what you send — you can though tell if your message was sent 🙂
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@goblinthanks for the explanation! Smiley Very Happy  

I thought I was missing out on some little icon.

You know I am not good at this techie stuff. 

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We have to remember this is 'Offer UP' - meaning there are a lot of low life people expressing 'interest' in items, lowballing already ridiculously prices etc. I respond within minutes to inquiries yet never here back from majority of those wishing to purchase. Remembering what I'm dealing with keeps me from being too bothered with forum inadequacies. I also recommend diversifying yourself - I have an easier time and sell more on other sites than on this.
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I gather that the issue lies within the app's bothersome notification prompts. If a user leaves the app set to always notify, they'll be bombarded with unnecessary air notifications regularly. This prompts the user to disable said notification features and thusly will not see that you've replied to their message.


Offerup should stop trying to advertise through these notifications and ONLY notify it's user base of replies/notifications to items which pertain to their previous actions.