More Trolls and Time Wasters

Level 2
Is it me, or has the number of time wasters and trolls increased over the last year?

It seems like there are people on OfferUp who's sole purpose is to mess with other people.

I have people sending me nasty messages, setting up times to meet and then no response or being extremely passive aggressive.

How do you guys overcome this obstacle with successful sales?

Any constructive input is appreciated,
Level 3
The way I do it is this. I set up a meeting location within walking distance of from home. Not too close.

I would give out an address of a house near the entrance to the neighborhood.

Then I ride a bicycle to the location. (Of course, I could just walk. But I have a bike.)

If they don't show up, I just go home easily. Get my exercises.

Hope this helps.
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And see far as no response from a buyer...

I try to judge wether this person is serious or not... before I even make any effort.
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I would be PO'd if I found out you were giving out my address to these people.  Give them an intersection if you want to be vague and tell them which corner you'll be on.

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Well that's true. I meant to say that when I message a buyer, I always tell them it's not my address, but just an address to meet entering the neighborhood.
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And in addition, cross streets are inconvenient when using GPS. Just tell them it’s just an address to meet, not yours. It seems like too me you (above) may haven’t sold enough to realize that. Sorry, being straight forward.