My 3 Golden Rules of Selling Online

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When it comes to local marketplace selling (not like ebay or amazon) you may feel very skeptical when dealing with people you just don’t know. While, OfferUp gives us a thorough verification process powered by nonetheless TruYou, when it comes to meeting people and doing cash deals, you always seem to feel unsettled. Maybe you are worried about being mugged. Or maybe you are afraid of being handed undetectable to the human eye fake bills. If you ever felt like this when you are about to sell an item I don’t blame ya’. The risk behind each meet can be nerve-racking, but luckily I came up with a system that can probably alleviate some of those worries and just maybe you can be like me, Mugged-Free Since 93! Without further ado, here are my 3 golden rules of selling online:

1. Never ever use online payment like Venmo, Paypal, Square, etc.

The reason why you shouldn’t use these online payments for local selling in a nutshell is because there’s loopholes found in their policies. Seller can easily contact them after they sent you the money and tell them it was a mistake or this was an unauthorized transaction. Companies like Venmo will issue a chargeback and give the money back to the buyer no questions asked. You will lose the money and your item as well.

2. Never fall for the low ballers/scammers/reseller game.

It’s quite simple and it’s all game. Low ballers will sometimes tell you that other people are selling the same item you are selling at a cheaper price than what you are selling it for. (Sigh). If this were so, then why would they contact you if you are more expensive than other sellers? Would it not be more logical to contact those with a better deal? Game! Scammer always seem to be on a trip out of state or in another country and want you to ship it to their dear family members and are willing to pay a ridiculous amount for the shipping. (Sigh). If this were so, wouldn’t it be more cost effective to find the item they want to buy around where this “beloved family member” lives? If they live in Austin, TX why are you searching for items in NYC? Can’t you Ebay-it or Amazon-it? Can’t these family members use a computer or smartphone for all matter? Game! And finally reseller. It’s rather easy to spot these backdoor hustlers. Just like low ballers they offer pretty low price but to distinguish the two is by one simple principle. Reseller offers are usually 50% off the retail price of the item. Game! If an item cost $300, they will offer $150 and then sell it for $250 to make a $100 profit. But in all honesty out of the three (ironically) the hustlers are the most respectable ones.

3. Always, always make cash transactions at your personal bank.

This one may come as a surprise to many but when it comes to making cash transactions, your local bank has it all. Public place? Check. Surveillance cameras? Check. A state of the art machine that can count the money and verify if the bills are fake? Check, check and check. In my years of being an online seller, I’ve have found no better place to do these transactions. There is one downside to this and I would like to point it out to you. Sometimes, depending on the item, meeting up in a bank can be a drag. Usually bigger items (like sofas, tables, heavy machineries) can be a pain because you will have to take these items all the way to the bank and if you get a no-show or fake bills are detected now you have to drag this item all the way back to your place. But for everything else this method is ideal.

I hope you enjoy my list and best of luck to you in the marketplace. Happy selling!

Feel free to contact with any questions you might have. I am more than willing to help.
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Hi @JonB thanks for the tips. WELCOME TO FORUMS. i think a meeting spot depends on where a person lives, in my case my bank would not be a good place, to hi traffic and not enough parking ,would not be easy to find a spot for two  people to park near each other.,,,,,,,,,and i gotta say again,,,i welcome all offers,,,,,,,im a lowballer myself,,,,,,,its the american way.

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Kudos for your input. I am sure some will find your tip useful. As for the rest of us in which safety in local deals is our biggest conundrum, banks can be our safest bet. Cheers!
I dont agree with the bank meet-up unless its for high price items like $75 -$100 and more. A public place definitely, but banks have too much traffic for your average $20 sale. I am a successful seller for years now mostly on Craigslist, and have only met at banks for high price electronics. For most other stuff, grocery stores, coffee shops, or the library are great places to meet up. People are always there, and some have cameras as well.

I try not to meet at my home as much as possible. 1.) Buyers have shown up late, without notice, when im not available and bothered me to get the item. If im on a call, cooking, working, projects, etc whatever and considered the buyer a no-show, I dont want them to have my address so they can come whenever they want. 2.) Even though most people know buying local means no refunds, some people who "change their mind" and have buyers remorse, will go back to your home and demand a refund.
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I do agree with you. Bank meetups are not convenient for everyone and it seems you are a person who knows how to handle himself. But for the average beginner bank meetups are there most inexpensive and safest bet. Precisely, the traffic of the people coming in and out the bank gives them a layer of comfort no matter what the price is. I can assure you that people have been mugged for very inexpensive things. Also, undeniebly the atm in the banks can be used to detect fake bills without having to spend extra money on counterfit equipment. It’s just a method I personally used and it has worked for me so far. But kudos for your input. I am sure many will find it helpful.
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Hello! Please, can you help me how I can upgrade my items to sell faster? Thanks
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Hello Amstradi. Can you elaborate a bit on what exactly do you mean by "upgrade" on your item? Also, it can help if you tell me what exactly are you trying to sell for I can direct you better.
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Thanks a lot for your answer! I have read your topics about success selling and decide to share with you my problems.First of all, when I submit my items for selling and later I try to find them in the list by categories I can not find them, they despair. Then I was thinking about upgrade and to display them on the top and again failed. I am upset and dissupointed. But thank you for your time and help me.
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