Need a No Meet-up Option Like Yesterday

After a year of being in this wonderful member of this community (beats the narc vibe at Mercari), for some time now. I came to the realization that we need a No-meetup option.


Based on some previous bad experiences I have to say.


People with less than perfect ratings only want to meetup.

More often than not people don't show up.

More often than not people come with the "I don't have all the money with me".

More often than not you are wasting your time on a 10% profit.

Some people will question why you don't meet up as you have to tell them and will offend you in the process.

Other people will cyberstalk you because they think they know where you live.


So what will it take for OfferUp to put this NEEDED feature in place? It will make the lives of fellow sellers and me way much easier, safe that there is no contest in not having such.


So please, please, please OfferUp could you put a No Meet-up option? I don't want to have to pull out my gun on nobody anymore unless I have to.


Thank you! 

Level 9
I think best choice for you will be selling stuffs at eBay.
Reason for using OU is
1. Meet the buyer so that seller dont pay crazy shipping fees.
2. Dont deal with bank account but transactions in cold cash.
3. OU already have no-meet option which is "shipping option "
Level 3
Believe it or not, anyone local that wants to buy an item, I make them come to my house. Visible security cameras on every corner and most of the time people who refuse to come to my house, just shows you the reason not to deal with them. Keep in mind though I’m not selling items that attract the minimum wage population, or Jordan shoe buyers. Shipping is the way to go if you have items less then 15lbs . 1000x more views from potential buyers, and offerup will make sure they have a correct payment / debt card information of the buyer
I agree! I state in all of my listings I only do shipping. I stopped doing meet ups after dealing with a lot of time wasters but that doesn’t stop people from asking me to meet up because they see I live nearby. Please OfferUp admins, give us some kind of feature to weed out these people and avoid confusion.