Need help with refund

I’ve sent numerous messages and reached out to various people. I purchased an item through the buyer protection. They accepted the offer never shipped the item so it said seller cancels. I’ve been waiting for over 6 days to see why the refund hasn’t hit my card, but I still can’t get a response . Does anyone know of a person I can reach out to
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Welcome to the community, @Qchappellshow! It looks like our Care team responded, but the responses were being routed to an old email address on file. They went ahead and forwarded a response to your proper email now. Go ahead and respond directly to their email if you have any other questions Smiley Happy

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My question is the opposite, how do I refund an item that was damaged in shipping by USPS?

Buyer sent me several pictures and it appears that they ran over my package and damaged the clock. I filed a usps claim, but am unable to give the buyer her refund. Please help.
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If the buyer has had the clock less than 3 days, have her contact Customer Care:


If the buyer has had the clock  for more than 3 days, then you will have to initiate the claim on her behalf (same link above)  since the Buyer Protection is invalid.


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Thank you, she contacted me as soon as it was delivered.
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I'm in a similar situation I'm waiting for a refund and supposably they approved it and sent it to my account on August 22nd today is September 1st and I still have not received my refund. did you ever get yours back?