New Post - Select Photos does not show all the photos on my phone...


When I try to post a new Offer, I use "Select Photos" on my Android device (Note 9). Most of my photos are not showing in the app when I do this, so I am unable to select a recent photo. NOTE: I have already followed the help advice to enable Camera access to OfferUp, I have also tried deleting the cache, and re-installing the application - none of these have worked, so please don't reply with those same suggestions.


NOTE2: when I select to update my profile photo, and to select an image, then the app prompts me to open either the Gallery app or the Photos app, and then I can see all my images fine, including the recent ones.


Somehow the OfferUp app is loading images differently in the Change Profile Photo section vs. the Post section, and the Post section isn't working as expected.

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I have this same issue. The photos I want to post dont show up in the photo listing when I'm selecting photos to post for an offer.