New worldwide selling and shipping feature.

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Offerup is giving buyers a protection similar to what ebay has. But they have nothing for the seller. Thats really bad. Sellers should also have a seller’s protection since some fraudulent people try to get away with your money and item.

@Ibsackey Safety for all involved is one of our main concerns. Everything you need to know about Shipping can be found here, and again, we are still working on improving the feature, so please keep the feedback coming! 

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Thats great. If you and your team can add a tracking feature in the app to make tracking easier it would be awesome.
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Can Someone Help Sold A Item A Week And A Half Iem Has Been Delivered For 5 days My Money Still Says Deposit Pending How Long Does It Take?

@M1Mel Hi! I just replied to your Private Message as well. It looks like our Trust & Safety team and you have been emailing and that your transfer is expected to be deposited in your account by end of day tomorrow. That's great! Please let me know if I can help anymore in any way. Smiley Happy

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How do you activate the shipping feature? When I sell an item, I can’t see this option. I can only sell locally.
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Hi @Leoperales welcome to the OfferUp Community forum,
OfferUp is testing it in some areas and may not be available in your area yet.

Home Shipping How OfferUp Payments work

How OfferUp Payments work
OfferUp Payments let buyers pay for items through the OfferUp app without carrying cash, and give sellers peace of mind that the money goes safely to their bank accounts. Buyers and sellers never have to give out their email addresses or phone numbers, nor reveal their 3rd-party payment system info or their credit card, so the transaction stays private.
While OfferUp Payments is in a trial period, only selected sellers can receive payments through the app. Any buyer with the latest version of the app can pay for OfferUp Payments-enabled items in the app.
To get the OfferUp Payments badge on your profile, add a payment method to your account.
1. Log in to the OfferUp app
2. Tap Account

3. Tap Payments or Set up payments and deposits
4. Tap Add Credit/Debit Card and follow the instructions
Buyers: How to pay
To buy using OfferUp Payments, first (always!) inspect the item in person. When you and the seller have agreed on a price, go to your messages with the seller, tap Pay Now, and then follow the instructions.
The first time you use Payments as a buyer, you'll need to add a credit card to pay with. Follow the instructions to add the info, and you'll be all set to pay in moments.
Sellers: How to get your money
After a buyer has paid through OfferUp Payments, tap Account

, then tap Payments.
The first time you use Payments, you'll need to set up how you'll get your money. To set it up in advance,
1. Log in to the OfferUp app
2. Tap Account

3. , then tap Payments
4. Tap Add deposit account or Cash Out. Deposits can be sent to your debit card or directly to your bank account. Choose the one you want, and follow the instructions.
Currently, it takes 5 business days from the time a transaction is complete to the time a seller is paid. Payments can be delayed if there is a bank-recognized holiday.
More about Payments
Frequently asked questions about Payments
Canceling a Payment
Is OfferUp payments available in Central Florida?
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OfferUP payments/shipping options are on "beta"/testing process/"soft" launch for SELECTED users only.

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