New worldwide selling and shipping feature.

@Kali108 Awesome yes as I said in the other comment if these are the ads you see in your local search as well as shipping search they can't be removed because they help Offerup make a little extra income. They have nothing to do with selling or not selling.
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OfferUp does not make money off of sellers that offer to ship items.


OfferUp is now diluted with peoples listings from all over the entire USA.


Plain and simple... OfferUp users should be able to limit browsing to buy to LOCAL ONLY.

@Kali108 ? I pay Offerup 7.9% of the total price on every item I ship.
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Thats news to me yet we still should be able to choose if we want to see Non Local offers.

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Offer up does not pay the sellers. They stall and stall. I'm still waiting to be paid from last month, 414.45.
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Thanks so MUCH OfferUp for listening and now seperating the items out of our area! Heart


It looks like there are no "enter search term here" available for pickup in your area. Have it shipped to you instead!

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When you ship an item using a pre-printed OfferUp shipping label, the post office will scan the label (at the counter and provide you with a receipt. The package can then be tracked through that number with USPS. You may choose as many alerts as you want. OfferUp has a seedless, easy to use system. Once it’s shipped, OfferUp no longer has control; it becomes under the control of the US Post Office. My compliments to OfferUp for such a smooth system. Hope that helps
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Very advisable to Insure your package and even when insured and USPS admits to their error, it's like pulling teeth to get them to pay up.


Plenty of online reports confirm this.


I now mostly use FedEx when shipping valuables.