No Shows / No response/ Lowballers/ Non Active users

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It's frustrating to have those no shows, no response, after agreeing on price or sending an offer. Then you have those lowballers. It's like this is not a garage sale, or I could've just haf one and sell everything for cheap. Specially new items. This app should have a rating for those no shows, everytime they don't show the seller should rate them bad star. If they get 5 bad star they should get message their account will be deactivated or deleted if continued. Same should apply for No Response.
Those lowballers should get a bad review from the other party. This app should delete those users that HAVE NOT BEEN ACTIVE FOR PAST 3MONTHS, at the very least. The app marcari does that if you not active.
For example, I was trying to purchase these hubcaps from this person. And they never responded. If they not available then post as sold. Or respond and say, they are already sold.
This app it's so frustrating! Nobody is held accountable for NO SHOWS, NO RESPONSE, LOWBALLERS, NON ACTIVE USERS.

So sorry you are frustrated, but I can tell you it happen almost everywhere not just on this app. It happens on all social media sites, E commerce sites, and walk in stores. I have a brick and mortar store, AND sell on two E commerce sites, and Social Media, and on this app. Doesn't seem to matter where you sell, it happens. It is frustrating, but not worth stressing because the ones that do follow through, or buy at your asking price, are so much more worth dwelling on. Smiley Happy

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I totally agree with you
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I know I get tired of hitting up sellers over and over to see if they're going to show up .It's a real pain in the butt when your the buyer and people just don't show up even when you agreed on time and the money . So far for me sellers are the ones that don't show up.
My thoughts sellers on this site don't like 💰 money
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Before the holidays I contacted a person that's selling a knitting machine for $20.00. He responded about 1 week later and told me he would get back to me after the holidays. He never responded so I contacted him again first part of January. He never responded and he's still running the ad. Smiley Sad

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I’ve seen this before. I think people list items for a quick sale, then forget after a while. In my area, I see a lot of military folks put items for sale and then ghost because they deploy or move away (at least, that is my theory). All you can do is make a good faith effort and then move on. Not great encouragement, I know, but hang in there. Lot of decent sellers out there.
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I MAKE graduation Leis... earlier today a person told me they wanted a $100 lei....I went to meet and for some reason they thought I would give a $100 LEI for just $25...I make sure I say please read post, depends on amount you want plus my charge...well that transaction went NOWHERE as I'm clearly not going to give money for free. I have 2 more orders but now that I am going back and clarifying the total amount for LEI they ordered, I am getting no response, even with my saying...i hope you understand I need to be 4sure you will want it as it's time consuming. WHAT WOULD YOU DO? MAKE LEI OR NOT MAKE LEI...I DON'T WANT TO RUIN SOMEONE'S GIFT BUT I DO NOT WANT TO WASTE MY TIME....IDEAS? HELP ME PLEASE SOMEONE....
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Your ad clearly states what you are selling. Its obvious that the lei is the gift for the person graduating. Very personal and much nicer than shoving money in a card. You also state your fee for each lei. It is up to them to decide how much they want the "gift " to be.. If they don't respond I would not make them. You are not ruining their present..they can put it in a card. To me it's like choosing any item to purchase. Should be pretty easy to comprehend.
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Be more direct with your pricing perhaps, include labor and any other costs.

Ask for a down payment via PayPal once they understand that fully.
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I know this topic was posted last year, but it is still true today, so thanks for allowing me to agree with the venting!


I am new to this platform. I am a Craigslist person and have had pretty good success there. I waited quite sometime before joining OfferUp because new things usually have a lot of kinks to be fixed. Decreasing/avoiding the amount of no shows, no responses/inactives, lowballers or those who arrive with incorrect funds seems to be an ongoing kink.


I can deal with not selling on OfferUp because I have other venues. What is most frustrating is not getting responses to specific questions about an item or even an acceptance/denial of a made offer (at asking or no more than $5 off). What is so hard about responding with the correct information, if you're not a scammer, or denying an offer you do not like, or marking the item as "sold," if it is no longer available? What is so hard about deactivating accounts that have not been accessed in months or allowing others to see if the seller/buyer has missed meetings? *sigh*