Not meeting in a public place

Level 5

I know that many people advise to meet in a safe public place only, but I won't do that.


When I buy a power tool or electronics  I want to make sure that it works. I cannot plug it in in a parking lot and I certainly don't take a person's word for it when he, or she, says that it works fine.


I had it happen at yard sales too when the owner was sure that it worked but when I plugged it in I found it was completely dead. When they won't meet me at their home or business, I won't  go for it.


And when people pick up a tool from me, I insist to plug it in to show that it works at described.

Buyers appreciate that and I never have a problem about the item.


The other reason is that I have no desire to sit in a hot parking lot (I'm in Arizona) waiting for someone who may, or may not, show up. And with the many no-shows and last second cancellations that is a big deal for me. And some things I sell don't fit in my car anyway.


I also prefer not to have people at my door after dark, except when it is someone I know.


Different preferences and worries about safety for everyone, but my policy works for me.







Level 9

I can see your point. It does fall under what your comfortable doing and your needs. I use a power inverter in my truck. Gives me the power I need. Not everyone will have that. Doesn’t cost a lot.