Not seeing the posts of blocked users

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Can this be made a possibility?
Example: There is a furniture store that is infamous for spamming this site around here. They use dozens of accounts to post thousands of posts each day and they are within 5 miles of me. I have blocked their accounts and reported them ad nauseam to find that they are still there and doing the same thing day after day. I do not want to see them or their ads, if you are going to coddle and suck up to the spammers on your site then please allow me the ability to not see their spam.
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Thanks for sharing. You make a very interesting point.

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 Welcome to the Community Forums @Will10101010. I agree with @Shupat that's a good point. When you've report, are you going right to the profile and reporting the profile, or are you reporting the individual ads? I do know reporting profiles works best.


Please check out many of the topics. Some touching on this issue. Please keep us posted and meet out Community Managers @Elin and @MJ_206. They'll definitely steer you in the right direction.

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Thank you. When reporting them i have tried reporting the profile as well as the individual posts. Some of their usernames are the phone number of the store and all of the ads they post arent so much about the item that is pictured (almost always a webgrab or catalog image) as they are about giving an address and advertising their in house financing.

As result of the permissiveness of offerup to this very real problem i have focused my attentions to other similar aps when trying to sell something. I have noticed in my area there are fewer real people on the ap but so many posting their inventories of furniture stores, pawn shops, used car lots and resale shops. I wish it were different but i guess this is what offerup wants.
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I totally and completely agree with you. I'd love to see this feature as well.

This is something that has been requested a couple times already, and I've been keeping notes of these requests to pass on Smiley Happy


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Guess it doesnt matter now. This irritation has been nagging me since i first signed on. They dont want to do anything about it and thats okay. The ap is mostly pawn shops and retail scammers. Seems offerup doesnt want real people on here at all, im fine with that. And i am gone. Deleting ap now. I gave you my time and you gave me a big fuuuk you. Enjoy your new b2b model and once all the people are gone dont whine. You got what you wanted.
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This spam and being forced to see out of state items! Are the reasons why OfferUp doesn’t get the full five stars