Now it says shipping options are UPS for $8, $12 & $40 ??

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How do I make the item I'm selling shippable lol. I think I'm only selling it in my community and I'd rather sell it anywhere and ship it out if needed
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Ok, I had a chat with our Shipping team, and these options shouldn't be showing yet. They are working on fixing this right now.

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Okay, thank you for getting back to us. The "Yet" kind of makes me nervous. I hope they just put it back the way it was and leave it the way it is. Its been awesome so far. 

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I believe they are working on ways to *offer* additional shipping carriers, but nothing is set in stone yet as far as I am aware. 

I am willing to bet OU is taking another page out of Mercari's shipping system.


Google "mercari shipping" and look at the language, protocols, and style of of the "How does shipping work for sellers" page on Mercari...look familiar?

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Yes, it does look familiar. If OU ends up "adding" UPS as a choice, an alternative shipping option, that would be good. As long as we still have the USPS shipping options. I prefer USPS and my Customers are always happy. We will see I guess.... 

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Mercari lets you choose. Usps or fedex. It also lets you choose to ship free how ever you would like, including media mail if it applies. There are no sudden changes on mercari

Ups is also a pack n ship option, I have not used this.
Clear warnings, months in advance of any and all changes
Effective dates and even times
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I want to be clear that I am not opposed to changes, I am opposed to changes that are not descriptive, notified, and thought out by large companies that should and do know better, yet dont care.
Ebay makes changes every month. We roll with it. We have a chance to adjust pricing and shipping to coordinate with such changes.
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Oh okay, It shows all three shipping companies on Mercari. The website. I agree that if there are changes that they want to make that affect we the Sellers, we should know about it in advance and actually be able to give our opinions on it. Pro's and Con's. 

The reason I mentioned Mercari:


It is rather clear that OU as taken some cues from Mercari, but OU "blatantly" (c' was done on purpose) made its shipping terms ambiguous for a reason (from the beginning).