Now it says shipping options are UPS for $8, $12 & $40 ??

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I can confirm that all of my existing listings have changed to ups.
So much for shipping anything over 8 oz on offerup.
Might as well delete my listings for anything else. This is heartbreaking. Couldn't have happened at a worse time when I dont have my car and sales are at their lowest. Saddened, but at least we got a notice, albeit after the fact.
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Did they really? I haven’t received an email notice and my listings don’t say ups anymore.
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Just changed. Literally, shipped something just a few hours ago.

Came here looking for answers


A buyer purchased an item yesterday and I am trying to ship today.  I was shocked when I opened the label and it shows UPS instead of USPS.  I have relisted this item several times, simply by copy/paste into a new listing, then archive the old.   I do not ever recall getting a notice about carrier changes, yet here it is.  The label is showing a 2 lb package, but it weighs 3 lbs 1 oz.  What am I supposed to do?  


There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING CONVENIENT about shipping through UPS.  


Offerup is very quickly becoming everything that drove me away from selling on ebay.  At least ebay has an actual customer service number you can call when theres a problem (might not speak English, but at least you can call)  I cant stand that I have to come into a chat forum to ask a question and then hope to maybe get an answer from an offerup rep.  This has me BEYOND FRUSTRATED right now, as I have an item that needs to ship.  




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Your 3 lb label prints as 2 pounds?
although it says up to 3lbs?
The mod for the forum is only on Mon-Fri
I am curious as to what you should do. If you do take it to ups with that label, will you follow up here and let us know what happens please?

I now have to go through my my 200+ listings and delete everything that weighs more than 8 ounces??????  This is crazy.


oh, looks like I just got an email reply to my customer service request.  (checks email) NOPE, its an email saying I just earned a "Forum Ninja Badge".  Are you kidding me?  Im trying to run a side business and instead of a useful answer, I get a Forum Ninja Badge?


Forum Ninja Badge?


Seriously, are we 12?

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I spent hours changing listings until I gave up. I assumed first class was still 15.9 oz on top of changing all heavier items, then I sold one and printed an 8oz label.

Who would pay $7 for a 9oz package to go through ups is beyond me. I will just decline offers to ship at this moment or direct those sales elsewhere. I feel your pain!

The closest UPS counter service is a 15 minute drive and they dont open til Monday.   USPS comes to my mailbox, which is 15 steps out my door.  

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I hear ya, I am beyond upset about this! I am livid!! have over 700 vinyl records listed on buy now shipping and they are all wrong now. I am going through them as fast as i can to remove  those options on my listings. This will take up a huge chunk of my weekend! I had plans with my kids. I cant believe that they do not even think about what they are doing to us sellers who make them money!! They are for sure going to lose a lot of us for this. 

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I will be removing everything over 8oz tonight. Not worth the headache of wondering what will print AFTER a sale or how they will proceed for weekend purchases that may autocancel before scans. 380 listings will need to be removed by just myself. If we all go elsewhere, its the only way they will notice. I messaged my regular buyers already. One of my buyers that purchases on offerup literally every few hours without negotiating prices has had her share of recent problems as A BUYER. I am hoping she comed to the forums as well to show its not just sellers whining.

I am done. I will check back in to look for updates here, but offerup is no longer worth my time and will need to spend this time listing and promoting elsewhere.

Good luck to you all