Now it says shipping options are UPS for $8, $12 & $40 ??

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I couldn't agree with you more. I have literally spent most of the last 5 hours, removing the shipping option from ALL my record listings. I still have more to do. They automatically changed every single one of my over 700 record listings to $3 shipping which goes up to what? 8 oz.? One vinyl record with mailer is between 14 and 15 oz. Buyers accepted $5 first class. But no one will pay $7. I will see in a few days if they put everything back the way it was. It wasnt broke so it didn't need to be fixed! If they leave it this way past monday, i have two other options. Websites I can sell on.  Sadly, I preferred Offerup. I LOVED it. But its not worth the trouble. I have put many hours a day over the last 8 months,  building up my Offerup Record Store. However, they apparently dont care about their Sellers. 

You know I would have thought they would have had the common sense to first use the SHIPPING weight as labeled (8oz etc) to begin with, & now out of nowhere they finally change it to reflect what it is supposed to be. This leaves large-scale sellers (myself included) to re-weigh every single listing..what a crock
I submitted an email request to address this shipping label problem on Saturday. That evening I received a reply asking for the transaction number, which I provided. There has been no contact since. Luckily, my customer was understanding.

Now I have a grasp on the problem. I strive to provide excellent customer service to my buyers because my success depends on it. Apparently, offerup does not share that mindset. We (the SELLERS) are the source of revenue for the offerup platform. THEIR success as a company is directly tied to OUR success as sellers, and OUR success is directly tied to our CUSTOMERS happiness with the overall transaction. It make zero sense that offerup is cutting us off at the knees.

So now in my spare time, instead of listing items which is a profitable use of time, I am deleting listings. I started with the larger/heavier items and working my way down.

If offerup made re-listing items more user friendly, I would just wait til this gets resolved, then just re-activate listings....but the listing would re-list in the offerup graveyard. Oh, that’s right...I can bump my listing for a fee! Whatever, at least I’m a forum ninja now, so I have that going for me.

Moving stuff back to eBay and will utilize Etsy more. It was good while it lasted

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I 100% agree with you!  I am deleting listings as well. Getting ready for the big "Move" to other selling platforms which i already joined over the weekend. 

I dont understand what they are doing. Its silent, no Moderators or Offerup employees are even answering us. 9 hours it took me to remove the inadequate shipping option they, without me knowing, automatically changed all my vinyl record listings to. I ended up losing a sale. I see other sellers who obviously have no idea yet about their shipping options being wrong now. SMH. My Husband and I are Business owners. Burning your Customers is biting the hand that feeds you. If you work with your Customers and make them happy, they bring not only their business but word of mouth business as well. 

I worked really hard and built up a great reputation here which I can continue elsewhere.   

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Amen! You would think there would be more updating and answering questions. The employees of ou dont seem to even ship items themselves or it would be a bigger deal. Listing here still just directing shipping elsewhere. Most of my customers only came to offerup because I could offer a bit lower shipping here, but now they are just buying on another platform.
Not even bothering fixing the rest of my listings, people dont show up for local pickups anyway
2 no shows for today.

As frustrated as you all sound, the fact is most shippers migrated to OU because of the low shipping cost and NOT because of its steller customer service or awesome shipping system (the same way Amazon took away some biz away from eBay with the migration of some major/high volume sellers).


Offerup was probably losing money on every shipped transaction. I can't even fathom the amount of losses from return freight payouts as a result from Buyer Protection Claims, outright fraud, scams, high cost of providing customer service for,etc.


Unless, someone is offering some unique/rare/hard-to-find items, in the end, the $$$ is the determining factor, which is why Walmart has been so successful.

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My issue is not with changes, it is with changes without knowledge to existing "contracted terms". When you agree to ship, you agree to terms that state the fee, carrier, and shipping weight cost it will charge. A binding agreement to such terms. Those listings should not be changed universally without notice. None.
I have not sold on amazon,but was on Ebay for years casually. The changes are always announced, like it or not on that effective date the changes take place. You can opt out of most even. You can also adjust new listings to conform. You do not have to go backwards for days to see what you may have to change. If i had continued adjusting listings, I would have to bill offerup for my time.

Instead, I will refrain from paying 9.9% of my sales over 8oz.
I have about 5 items that fit this weight class. 9oz for $7 shipping that takes a week or more, umm no....I value my reputation as a seller.
Also, I would have to charge for 15 min trip there and 15 back, for each purchase as the countdown to autocancelation looms over my head. Too much stress,not enough support. It was a good start for offerup, but it is no longer a fit for me personally as a seller.

With eBay, every step is a contractual agreement since there are a MANY fees (not just listing fees) involved on the FRONTend.


On OU, there are no listing/frontend fees involved and OfferUp ONLY takes a % on the backend, which is limited to $50/transaction. This is why OU does NOT neccessarily have to inform sellers of any changes beforehand. It would be a whole another story if sellers had to pay a frontend fee of some sort and were not given the option to back-out of the changes.


Yeah, it's "shady" of OU, but I have always pointed this out when giving my opinion about OU's shipping policies. Now, do you see why I have been adamant in regards to having "listing fees" on OfferUp? It would give shippers more control.

I just removed over 500 listings due to this unannounced change. 500.. Even as fast at it as I am -- it's still time out of my life I spent at it, which i could have spent elsewhere.

Now I am apprehensive about putting up lieu of their changes, which wouldn't surprise me if they did it again.
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I recently made my own thread about these changes last Tuesday, and I just seen this one here that exists now... anyways I’m just as angry as all of you with these changes and something needs to be done!!!
Funny thing is that once you take your package to UPS, it still gets delivered to your door by USPS... what the **bleep** is going on!?!

- make ups / usps and option for us
- make weight amounts clear to shipper!
- if you need to bump ship prices so be it
- the shippers are 90% of your income!
- or revert changes immediately!

I don’t understand why they want to squeeze an extra dollar out of the buyer by making the seller suffer !!!!!