Offer up error message

I received a notification about reducing the price if my item. I think it gave 15% 20% 25% options and said it would notify watchers. When I select 15% I just get error message

Can someone help?
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Hey there @Sellerofthings! Welcome to the community!


Is there any specific message to the error you are seeing when trying to comlete the price reduction? I'm trying to see if this is impacting anyone else currently. What were the steps that you took that resulted in an error message?

Select notification message
Select 15% discount
Select confirm
Message says
Error please try again
Cancel Ok (buttons)

Anything going on here? Any update?
Any update?
I can't send messages either error code

@Sellerofthings wrote:
Any update?


You will most likely have to hold your breath until Monday. The forum mod is an employee of the company and does not work 7days/wk....only M-F. 


On a rare occasion, she does reply duing non-working hours.

So what r those m-f hours?
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@Sellerofthings Much like the Customer Care team, I respond to threads and tags in the order in which they were received. There are many things that I work on behind the scenes...


That being said, I have reached out to our team that investigates reported bugs. They are keeping an eye on feedback to see how widespread this is. Aside from the posts in this thread, there haven't been any other reports of this. 


From here, the best thing to do would be to reach out to our Care team

In the early days of computers we had error messages that weren't identified. For somewhere around the last 30 years the error box popup includes a number, or code, for end users to identify that error. It was also 30 years ago that the "your the only one having that error" was ok to use. Personally I struggled with how to report the error. It was hard to find what to do to contact offer up. Posting to a community board left question of witch sub area to post a request for help. So you make it extremely hard for someone to "leave feedback." You probably aren't getting feedback on the error I have, and possibly other errors because of that. That is a formula for a unfriendly app.

Sending a message along after being a post many days back isn't a quick solution. Don't you think it would be better for the other team you reccomend to read these boards? I need be pushed off so I can waste my time? No thank you.

In summary what you have is an unstable, unreliable product running in a production environment. And you are relying on end user to be beta testers for you.

Good luck. Your extreme work load seems to indicate the problems are occuring to frequently, to often, and are not identified by the system itself.