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The 2nd link I sent you, which was posted several months ago, expains that these forums are not for support. I am not on the Customer Care team or trained on their policies and processes. The Customer Care team does not have it in their job duties to review these forums, as I am the only employee that monitors these forums. You gave me hardly any information or details on this error, and that was the extent to the troubleshooting I knew to do. I apologize that I was unable to assist further.

Exactly my point. How does anyone report errors?

I had no way to attach a screen print of anything. I had no email to forward pictures. I had no phone number to call.

How did you expect better information?
I think you would have been more profession if you had asked me for more information.

@Sellerofthings wrote:
Exactly my point. How does anyone report errors?

She provided you with the customer service link labeled as "Care team"  in her previous forum post. Once you hit the link, select "A technical issue", then select "Other" and describe your error in detail.