OfferUp Loading Issues?

Level 4

Is there anyone experiencing issues loading?


Accepted Solutions
Level 4
Is not solution either. cheated.
Level 1
Level 4
Hi! welcome to the family.
Community Manager

Welcome to the community, @Panku and @Henryseeme!! OfferUp did have a little bit of an outage just now, but we're back up and running!!

Level 4
Still not to me.
Community Manager

Hmm, if you are using the app @Panku, go ahead and fully close it and reopen it. We should be back online at this time Smiley Happy

Level 4
Thanks and i even didnt hit the solution buttom either lol.
Level 9
Website and app still seem to be down in the Phoenix metropolitan area
Community Manager

Hmmm, ok I'll go ahead and keep looking into this! Sorry for the false alarm!

Community Helper
I can’t log in on the website. The app on my phone isn’t connecting to help pages. Only seeing gateway timeouts.