OfferUp needs to add “Buyer Reliability” ratings

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How many times have we all had buyers commit to a price AND a meet up, and then they don’t show or stop writing you back? It’s so frustrating! We sellers deserve to know who the unreliable buyers are. This rating system needs updating. There needs to be other categories so we can identify potential flakey people.

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Yea definitely, the offered and accepted price is for the item as shown, so if something doesn’t match then yea it’s fair game. When I first used the app I was looking for a drill and I saw one I liked marked as “new”, the pics weren’t the clearest and I asked if it was new the seller said yes it’s “new open box”, so I went over to his place and turned out it was used and very much used at that. The price I offered him believing it was new was just below retail the end he wasn’t willing to renegotiate so I said it was fair enough but the item wasn’t as described either, the guy got mad so I walked, cut my loses on gas but lesson learned.
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What a bunch of crap that was. I’ve been selling online since the dawn of Craigslist. I sell with integrity. I make a deal, I keep it. It’s simple. Don’t act like sellers are in the wrong for a buyer’s laziness.
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There are good buyers and good sellers, then there are bad buyers and sellers, but the truth is there are reliable people and unreliable people, it’s a people thing regardless which side of the sale they’re on. If you sell only you’d think most buyers are bad, if you buy only you’d think some( I say some because most sellers have more incentives to be good, just in general) sellers are unreasonable. Just remember there are still good people on here, do business with them and don’t get hung up on flakes and entitled people. Keep sane and carry on.
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Ok, so if we apply your logic that all people are just people... Buyers and sellers alike... and everyone sucks at one time or another. Then why have a ratings system at all? They are meaningless.
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That’s not what I’m saying, people who are good are usually consistently good, same goes for people who are not so good, no doubt the rating system is flawed tho.
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Maybe people who flake too much should get a special badge and have a snowflake on their profile...
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We've discussed this at length in the past.

Some main points.

¹ We have a report function. If they get enough people complaining about the same person they can ban them.

Only issue with this is they can still use a VPN if they're savvy enough to create another account.

Another user has suggested Mac address banning which seems like it would work better.

There's no other way to really deter this behavior beyond bans.

A list of offenders (wall of shame) would not be viable for the reasons mentioned above.

² The current rating system as it is now is lacking, sure. It's just a way for you to gauge how well seller / buyer has done in the past.

A comment section (much like eBay) has been suggested in the past. Admins said staff is looking into it.

³ I think Mark4 is on point, don't let bad business people get to you.

You can avoid / minimize risk of being ghosted by messaging a couple minutes before the meeting time, if they don't respond, dont head out.

Try setting an errand near the meetup spot, that way it's not for nothing it they ghost you after you get there.

Block and report if you feel it necessary.

This type of behavior is not unique to OfferUp

Given all this information, I'd like to hear any suggestions you may have.
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I appreciate the tips and what not but like I said, I’m not a newbie to selling online. Long before offer up and even Craigslist, I was doing chat room sales. I understand how this all works. I really do. However, since OfferUp exists to be the better way, more updated way, of handling person-to-person sales... then it should strive to be the best in every way. Ratings systems included.

We live in a society that thrives on merit badges. We constantly check our Facebook for that little red indicator that tells us we have a notification. We read endless reviews on Amazon and EBay to make sure we’re getting a good product. When we take Uber or Lyft, we want well reviewed drivers. When we use Yelp, we want well reviews businesses.

Selling to people on these apps like OfferUp should be a similar experience. I should be able to see my potential buyer and know by their accrued merits that they are generally reliable or not. They should be able to see if I, as a seller, am reliable too.

Society doesn’t care about things like integrity anymore. I get it. Call me old fashioned, but when I make a deal with someone, I keep it. It’s simple. It’s not a numbers game. My word is my bond. I realize how foreign of a concept this is for many people.

So with that said, you want suggestions? Go back to my original post. You want specifics? How about an option when you’re in talks with a buyer, there’s a mutual button that the buyer AND Seller clicks, indicating that you’ve agreed on a price and meet. If one of the parties defaults, the opposite party can press a button indicating so, and that goes on the guilty party’s public app record. Then as that record adds up, you’ll know if they are generally reliable.

And that previous snowflake comment was actually pretty good.

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@NathanVegas, you’re right, OfferUp really can be the best app and it’ll become the better platform with great suggestions from you and the community, I think of all the devs they do take in a lot of user suggestions, not all are implemented but you can see the effort so keep those ideas flowing.

As the the button you’re talking about it actually exists, it’s right next to the location button, the one with a place marker and calendar icon by the chat typing box. It’s easy to miss. Also I guess for price once someone officially makes an offer through the “make offer” button maybe we should have the ability to click confirm. Tho I do find most people just make offers verbally, either way it’s recorded on the chat so if someone tries to go back on their price at meet up you can just pull out your phone, most of the time they ask in case you’d drop the price but are ready to pay. But the ones that has no shame and gives you a thousand reasons why I’m sure you’d got your own methods of dealing with them, like for me I’m always willing to walk away
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I agree with this. Obviously you can change your mind upon seeing the physical item for sale. But what I’m talking about is SHOWING UP first, as they committed to doing so. Everything after that is negotiable.