Offerup Case Going Horribly - Claim Denied - No Support

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I bought a pair of shoes from a kid that was 16, he had on the description and title that they were my size, yet when he sent them he told me that they were actually a size too big. When the package arrived I denied it becuase of this and told him to send a refund. I tried to file a claim but the package says it hasnt been delivered, yet when I ask the seller, he tells me that he picked it up. I reached out to offerup support and they told me that since i did not provide pictures of the item, I am not eligible for a refund. 


I have now filed a complaint with the BBB and plan on disputing the charge through my bank, I am even tempted to file a suit against them just to have them waste their time and money hiring a lawyer/rep to come give me my money in person. 


Why is offerup support so terrible? 



FYI, no e-commerce cares/fears the repurcussions of a bad BBB/Yelp review since both of these companies attempt to extort $$$.


In most instances, you will lose the chargeback attempt with your financial instituation. If you hire an attorney, you will have to pay a retainer fee UPFRONT. Once the lawyer is paid, he will inform you that your chances is less than 1% and will probably laugh at you.


If you want to pursue a real effective complaint, file one with FTC. When there are enough complaints, the Fed's will open an investigation. No one beats the Fed's (unlimited resources)...NOT even Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc.