Order was cancelled

Level 1

Pleas help!
Item shipped using offer up shipping lable, for some reason or another offer up was never notified by usps that it was scanned, because of this order was eventually canceled and never got paid, customer did get the item as tracking shows, contacted customer support several different times trying to get this resolved, yet no one is answering or replying to my emails, I dont know what else to do.
Buyer has the item, and I dont have payment.

Level 9
@ztz198 sorry to hear that... I would consider that as loss. Don't think OU support can do much. After all this IS FREE apps that people can install/delete at will without any ramification.

how TF is this considered a loss? the item was DELIVERED. how tf can offerup cancel the sale when the order is sent? Nah g. I just reached out to their twitter letting them know and if they can't do **bleep** about it i'm taking them to court and getting my money.

because i sent a package that wasn't scanned and they cancelled it too and it was delivered.