Order was sent to customer, delivered, cancelled, support says "sorry this one didn't work out"


OfferUp sent me a message saying I had 2 days to ship the package. This was on Friday. The package was picked up Monday morning. Monday afternoon I got a message from OfferUp saying


"Sale Canceled. The shipping deadline has passed, so we've canceled the sale. Please don't drop off the item. If the item is already at USPS, we'll process the sale and you'll be paid."


I sent a message to customer service asking when I would be paid for the sale Monday night. The package was delivered to the guy Wednesday.


Lydia from customer service gave me a 3 paragraph response in poor English explaining that I need to ship ordered within 5 days or it's too late they cancel the sale. She says "Sorry this one didn't work out, let me know if I can help your experience to be better!"


I responded to her with a screen shot of the message OfferUp sent which said, "if the package is already at USPS, we will process the order and you will be paid."


Why did she lie to me? Was she just unknowledgeable? Does she speak such bad English that she explained my situation wrong?


I just want to know when I will be paid because I'm angry that this was the response I received. I understand I need to ship packages within 5 days and I have shipped every package up to this one on time so I don't need a lecture about "how i'm in the wrong." I need to know when I will be paid, or I will start a class action lawsuit against this company and take them to court. I work from home. I have nothing but time to take revenge for what they are doing to me.


Since customer service is ignorant, I am messaging the forum for your attention to this matter to be resolved within a reasonable time frame or else I shall take matters to my own hand to resolve this personal matter.


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OfferUp is aware that the buyer received the item, but had to cancel the transaction because the package was only scanned AFTER the shipping deadline due to the fact that USPS personnel/carriers did not scan the package at every logistical phase.


In short, OfferUp will issue the buyer a refund, so if you want to get paid, you will have to make arrangements with the buyer directly.


If you want to know as to why OfferUp cannot help you...from my previous forum post:

Contractually, OU has to cancel the transaction as they have to abide by their own terms of service. Otherwise, they would be vulnerable to a lawsuit from the buyer, since a violation of the "terms of service" by OfferUp themselves would mean that the "arbitration only" clause would also be invalidated by their own TOS violation. This would open a can of worms that OfferUp could not afford to face.

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If you are to receive payment--OfferUps payment processor, "Stripe", will release your funds.

Why is there any vagueness here? This is not an answer to my **bleep**nig question. Why the hell are you telling me to be "rest assured" and then adding an "if" to the same sentence? Are you delusional?

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There is only 1 person that works for Offerup on here. The rest of us are end users. I am tagging @Mj_206 so that she is aware of this issue.

Thank you aidenholly, appreciate it. The charge for this sale is listed as "pending" on my buyers bank account.


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Since Stripe releases funds--they confirm refunds. In any case, "if" refunded... is in reference to everything being copacetic to release funds to you.
Quite sane actually--good day

Of course you cannot comfirm it will be approved you have no authority on this site why bother responding when your answer contributes nothing?

@Mj_206You guys are seriously scam artists here. Customer has a "pending payment" and your representatives say "sorry this one [sale] didn't work out for you this time [it's been cancelled]."


You hold enough payments to pile up hundreds of thousands of dollars and while the end users get a "pending" notice you invest the money and tripple it in no time while meanwhile we aren't being paid for the service and product we provided.

You program your app to say we will be paid, and you program your overseas VA's to say "sorry this time won't work out for you."

You're scam artists. I reach out to the twitter page with tweets and DM's and no one responds. Not even a, "your message will be replied to in a timely manner."

So I see y'all responding to white people on twitter support 10, 15 minutes ago but don't see any black women owned accounts. But y'all probably weed out they're accounts and delist their Gucci claiming it's counterfit too. Since y'all are scam artists probably racists too. No limit to where you draw the line in evil doing.

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First off, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with race. Absolutely nothing. Our social media team responds to tweets as fast as they can, and our Customer Care team responds to cases as fast as they can. As for these forums, since I am the one and only employee working on them, with 500,000 registered users, I can not humanly get to each and every post or DM. There is also the topic called "What to do if you have an issue


I'm not trained to assist with support questions, and am only able to check on the status of tickets or escalate them. In your case, it appears that your first response from our Care team was within the same day. You have responded to them with additional information, which will keep your case open. You responded to it, now please allow our teams some time to respond as well.


Here is the email from our customer care team:


"After reviewing your transaction  information with ID# (4229055), Per USPS, they receive the package On July 22, 2019, 7 days after the offer was accepted. 

We canceled this transaction because the shipping deadline passed before the USPS scanned it. After a seller accepts an offer, the USPS needs to get the package within 3 days.

Usually, even after 3 days, we’ll allow an extra 2 days to drop off the package. To make sure sellers get paid, we send each seller messages throughout the process so you know how much time you have.

It’s important not to wait until the last minute, because the USPS might take until the next day to scan the package. This delay can cancel the transaction, even when the seller technically made it in time and the item is already sent.

We’re sorry that this transaction did not work out this time. Let us know what we can do to make your future experiences with Nationwide Shipping any smoother."