Order was sent to customer, delivered, cancelled, support says "sorry this one didn't work out"



OfferUp is aware that the buyer received the item, but had to cancel the transaction because the package was only scanned AFTER the shipping deadline due to the fact that USPS personnel/carriers did not scan the package at every logistical phase.


In short, OfferUp will issue the buyer a refund, so if you want to get paid, you will have to make arrangements with the buyer directly.


If you want to know as to why OfferUp cannot help you...from my previous forum post:

Contractually, OU has to cancel the transaction as they have to abide by their own terms of service. Otherwise, they would be vulnerable to a lawsuit from the buyer, since a violation of the "terms of service" by OfferUp themselves would mean that the "arbitration only" clause would also be invalidated by their own TOS violation. This would open a can of worms that OfferUp could not afford to face.


Thank you for your reply, for being knowledgeable and direct, and not condescending.

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There is no call for being impolite to other Community members, just because you are frustrated. It is what it is...
This will be my last contribution to this senseless display of mismanners.
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The only shred that still doesn't make sense to me, is why did OfferUp send a message that same day that I had dropped the package off saying, "we cancelled the sale. if USPS already has the package, we will process the order and you will be paid."


If they are going to cancel the sale and I need to work it out with the buyer, that's fine, but why give misinformation making it seem like they will process the sale themselves?


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@onelookpictues wrote:

OfferUp sent which said, "if the package is already at USPS, we will process the order and you will be paid."



The above OU statement is only valid IF the postal service scans and uploads the tracking/logistics information to their servers WITHIN the allotted shipping window of the 5th day (3 days + 2 day extension), so that OfferUp has objective confirmation that the package is on its way to the buyer.

Thanks again for your attention. I'm not sure who you are, but you provided a solution and an answer to my concern. If I owned OU I would try to hire you to take my comapny's reputation to a profound new level.





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Hey Mj_206, I’m having this same issue, except I have proof that the post office accepted the package. It’s out of my hands as far as that goes, but I’m getting threats from you guys about not shipping my package?? And of course it’s dead links to contact on your website, so I’m at a loss here as to what to do. I do not use social media, so there has to be an actual way to contact support other than forcing me to open a twitter account... any ideas?