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Back in November, I bought an Apple Watch that was described to be working “perfectly fine”. I had bought the watch through the shipping tab in which I thought I’d be protected by their protection program. When I received the watch, the watch had a activation lock on it which makes it useless; the item was simply not as described. To get my money back, I filed a buyer protection claim however it’s like the customer service doesn’t want to help me. They don’t respond to my emails at all anymore but they initially kept giving me the same reason that they’re “investigating” the case however it shouldn’t take that long to “investigate” as I’ve provided pictures, videos, etc. I sent an email on 12/5/2018 in which they didn’t respond. Then sent another email on 12/25/2018 in which they also didn’t respond. I’m not sure if what to do to get my money back but it feels like I’m being scammed. Ive come across similar problems on other platforms and they usually solve the case in 3-5 days. Any ideas on what I should do from here? Thank you!
Have you tried going to the Apple store and showing them the purchase history? Maybe they can reset the watch for you...