Package marked as "Delivered to Final Agent" by USPS

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A package sent has been marked as "Delivered to Final Agent" by USPS but not recieved by customer yet after a week. What is the seller or buyer to do?

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toluwee1 here’s some information below,
I would recommend contacting customer care with this issue, I’ve added a link below., 😎🇬🇧

Item lost in the mail
Sometimes a seller packages and sends an item, but it doesn't arrive. If this happens to you, the following may help you track it down.
The buyer or seller should follow the steps at to find missing mail. You'll need:
* The buyer's mailing address
* Size and type of container or envelope
* Your tracking number (available on your receipt)
* The item’s description and pictures
If you've followed the process, and the item still can't be found, use the Contact Us below. Please select Submit a buyer protection claim in the form to direct your claim appropriately. 
Your transaction ID will be required to look up details about your purchase. It’s listed on your receipt. To find it, go to your message thread about the item and tap View receipt, or:
* Log into your account
* Tap

*  Account
* Tap Payments and receipts, then Transactions
* Select the receipt for the item you have questions about
* Scroll to Payment info for the transaction ID

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